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Методики Н.Зайцева • Официальный сайт Николая Зайцева.

Методики Н.Зайцева • Официальный сайт Николая Зайцева.
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You can learn Russian in 30 minutes, says scholar


, №7, Volume 86

If someone told you that after 30 minutes of studying a foreign language, you could begin to read, you probably would not believe it.

Nikolay Zaytsev conducted several demonstrations on campus to show his ability to teach people to read Russian in less than 30 minutes. Modern Language and Literature faculty members participated in one of the demonstrations.

The Russian philologist from St. Petersburg explained his system by using big prints of tables and, and by giving students wooden, golden and iron cubes with written Russian units. It looked like a children's game.

Zaytsev sang his charts to the tune of well-known Russian folk songs, then he gave everyone the cubes and pronounced the name of each unit.

After 20 minutes Zaytsev asked his students to write and read such words as tie, shirt, pencil, pen, door, chart and cube. The students were able to read the words.

I enjoyed it very much, said Judy Berry-Bravo, dean of the Foreign Language Department. We know that the traditional approach for studying foreign languages does not work very well. Zaytsev's system is special. He treated us as people who have brains. It was perfect!

I think that the strength of his system is putting people into a language, Nathan Arnold, another participant, said.

In a seminar on Revolutionary Techniques in Reading and Language Education, which took place in the Balkans Room at the Overman Student Center, Zaytsev told about his experience as an educator and answered many questions.

He is the author of more than 20 textbooks and has thousands of students in Russia and all over the world. Some of Zaytsev's students begin to read at the age of 2-4 years.

This was his fourth visit the United States. Zaytsev has also taught his system in Texas, Oregon and Indiana.

I enjoy my visiting PSU, Zaytsev said. I think it is right that Pittsburg State University gives serious attention to international studies.

We live in global world today and have the same problems in education, said Oliver Hensley, dean of Graduate Studies, who invited Zaytsev to visit PSU during his trip to Russia this summer. I am convinced that such exchange of scholars is very important and useful for one university.

Olga Tarasova

Методики в СМИ • Статьи • За рубежом • Gollegio, You can learn Russian in 30 minutes, says scholar

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